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Posting a Job

Posting a Job

How it works

  • Once you Register With Us you can post jobs on to Jump Forward via the Post a Job service.
  • Fill out the simple post a job form with all the details of your job and pay the relevant Fee to have your posting displayed on the site for all our users to view.
  • The posting displays all the information you inserted (job title, salary, job type, location etc.) plus the job reference number, application closing date and your company name if you have not opted to post anonymously.
  • If you have opted to post anonymously your company name will not be shown and as long as you have not inserted any names or contact details in the ‘job description’ or other ‘information boxes’ on the post a job form, you will only receive applications through Jump Forward, via your My Postings free personalised postings management service.
  • It is free for you to view all applications submitted through Jump Forward via your My Postings service.
  • Applications submitted through Jump Forward are from registered Individual Users only.
  • When registered Individual Users apply through Jump Forward they have their profile, including contact details (name, postal address, email address, telephone number and any personal web site link), portfolio and application cover note sent to you via your My Postings service.
  • You can also see how many times your job has been viewed on Jump Forward and edit your job posting at any time via your My Postings service. 
  • Please view our Advice for more information about the My Postings personalised postings management service.

General advice.

  • Job postings are displayed on Jump Forward until their application closing date; you can extend the application closing date via your My Postings service, by paying the relevant Fee.
  • You can access all data and applications for an individual job posting via your My Postings service for up to four weeks after the application closing date.
  • All applications for an individual job posting, along with the job posting itself are deleted from Jump Forward and your My Postings service four weeks after the application closing date; unless the application closing date has been extended.
  • The posting of a job or the extending of a job posting is equal to the one off fee or one credit; both are priced in our Fees section.
  • Credits can be purchased via our Fees section. 
  • Pick up all applications submitted through Jump Forward via your My Postings service.
  • We recommend that initial contact with an applicant is via email.
  • We would recommend that normal office hours apply when contacting an applicant via the telephone and that you consider they may be at work or on a course; as such a message may be your first port of call. 
  • If you are ultimately unable to obtain contact with an individual applicant from Jump Forward, Jump Forward is not liable as outlined in our Terms and Conditions
  • Please view our advice on Conducting an Interview.
  • Jump Forward reserves the right to edit or delete any posting which violates the service structure, or the Terms and Conditions as a whole.
  • Any misuse of the Post a Job section, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions, will result in the offender being barred from using Jump Forward.
  • All postings and edits are screened by Jump Forward.

Post a Job


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