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Posting a Brief

Posting a Brief

How it works

  • It is free to post a brief via the Post a Brief service for all our users to view and members to pitch for on Jump Forward.
  • It is free to view all the watermarked pitches for your brief posting on Jump Forward via the My Postings service on your navigator.
  • Briefs posted on Jump Forward via this route are for budgets up to the value of 2,000.00.
  • Briefs are displayed anonymously on Jump Forward and as such all briefs posted on Jump Forward must be done so in the 3rd party tense.
  • Once you Register With Us simply post all details of the brief on the site using the data form provided.
  • Your posting is then displayed on the site for all our users to view.  
  • The posting displays all the information you inserted (pitching closing date, budget etc.) minus your company name and contact details.
  • You can then see how many times your brief has been viewed on Jump Forward via your My Postings service.
  • Members can then submit a pitch and have their work (minus their contact details) sent to you via your My Postings service.
  • Pitches are anonymous on Jump Forward so that the best work is selected purely on its brief satisfying and creative merit. 
  • You can view all pitches via your My Postings service; all pitches are Jump Forward security watermarked.
  • Once you receive a pitch you wish to own simply pay the Fee, via your My Postings service, to obtain the successful pitchers contact details (name, email address and telephone number only).
  • For security purposes we never divulge a pitching member's personal address. 
  • It is then up to you to arrange with the pitcher payment of your 'budget' and delivery of their work and all the hard copies.
  • Your 'budget' is the sum you will pay the winning pitcher to own the work outright.
  • You can edit your brief posting at any time via your My Postings service on your navigator. 

 General advice

  • Brief postings are displayed on Jump Forward until their pitching closing date; you can extend the pitching closing date by editing the brief posting via your My Postings service.
  • You can still access all information and pitches regarding an individual brief posting on your My Postings service, once the pitching closing date has passed, for up to four weeks after the pitching closing date.
  • All information and pitches regarding an individual brief posting, along with the brief posting itself are deleted from Jump Forward and your My Postings service four weeks after the pitching closing date, unless the pitching closing date has been extended.
  • Should the brief be for work which includes your company name or a direct association to your company it must be described in the 3rd party tense, as with external briefs, in the 'brief description' section provided.  
  • Be as clear and concise as possible.
  • Give a clear pitching closing date.
  • Make sure the 'budget' is calculated appropriately.  
  • Do not post a brief unless you are able to pay the potential fee to Jump Forward and your 'budget' to the pitcher immediately on acceptance of work.
  • Purchase of an individual set of pitchers contact details is equal to the one off fee or two credits; both are priced in our Fees section.
  • Credits can be purchased via our Fees section. 
  • Fully explain all criteria and expectations you wish to be met.
  • Make sure all parameters, scales and templates to be used are clearly stated.
  • Clearly state the finish required.
  • Make sure all program requirements are noted.
  • By pitching for a brief on Jump Forward the pitcher acknowledges they are entering into a contract of commitment to supply all required work and full ownership and copyright of said work to you should you choose their pitch for the payment of your budget. 
  • We recommend your initial contact with the pitcher is via email.
  • We would recommend that normal office hours apply when contacting a pitcher via the telephone and that you consider they may be at work or on a course, as such a message may be your first port of call. 
  • Once contact is made clearly define with the applicant your intended procedure.  
  • Once contact is made clearly define with the pitcher when you will pay them, Jump Forward recommends it is upon immediate receipt of work required.  
  • The purchase of an individual pitchers contact details via Jump Forward is at the purchasers own risk and Jump Forward is not liable as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.
  • If you are ultimately unable to obtain contact with an individual pitcher from Jump Forward, Jump Forward is not liable as outlined in our Terms and Conditions
  • The pitcher knows to make sure they send all the stipulated hard copies as requested.
  • Make sure you clearly understand the pitchers preferred payment method.
  • The pitchers have been advised to seek legal advice should they have difficulty obtaining correct payment.
  • Any client who does not satisfy the correct payment for work to the pitcher will be immediately barred from using Jump Forward.
  • If you do not receive any, or the correct work from the pitcher, Jump Forward is not liable as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.   
  • Any insertion of contact or personal details of any description in a posting, not relating to the brief itself, will result in the posting being deleted and the poster being barred from using Jump Forward.
  • Any data deemed to compromise the Post a Brief servcie or Jump Forward as a whole will be deleted.
  • All postings are approved by Jump Forward to ensure no job postings are inserted in the Post a Brief section.
  • Jump Forward reserves the right to edit or delete any posting which violates the service structure, or the Terms and Conditions as a whole. 
  • Any misuse of the Post a Brief section, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions, will result in the offender being barred from using Jump Forward.
  • All postings and edits are screened by Jump Forward.

Post a Brief


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