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Pitching for Briefs

Pitching for Briefs

How it works

  • It is free to search through all our live briefs via the Search Briefs service on Jump Forward.
  • It is free to pitch for a brief on Jump Forward.
  • Once you Register With Us and have completed a brief simply submit your pitch or pitches via the pitch upload page.
  • You can access the pitch upload page via the 'I Wish to Pitch' link at the bottom of a specific briefs page.
  • The pitch upload page enables you to post to the client your pitch title, pitch description and up to 4 images of the pitch itself.
  • When you submit a pitch it is sent to the posting client's personal Jump Forward area.  
  • The client then sees only the pitch and none of your details, so they choose the best work entirely on its brief satisfying and creative merit.
  • Once a client has chosen a pitch they wish to own they pay to obtain the contact details of the successful pitcher (name, email address and telephone number only).
  • The client then makes contact, it is recommended initially via email, and the two parties concerned can arrange payment of the clients 'budget' and delivery of the winning pitch, all necessary work and hard copies.
  • The 'budget' stated by the client is the amount they will pay to own outright the winning pitch and all necessary hard copies.
  • Briefs posted on Jump Forward via this route are with 'budgets' up to 2,000.00

General advice

  • The client has been advised to be as clear and concise as possible.
  • The client has been told to give all information required to complete the brief properly.
  • The client has been told there should be no hidden criteria in the brief explanation.
  • Make sure you clearly understand the specifications and expectations that the client wants met.
  • Read all explanations, definitions and text carefully.
  • Make sure all parameters, scales, templates and programs that have been stipulated are used.
  • Always adhere to the finish that has been specified.
  • Make sure your pitch is submitted by the closing date.
  • By pitching for a brief on Jump Forward you confirm you are entering into a contract of commitment to supply all required work and full ownership and copyright of said work to the client should they choose your pitch for the payment of their 'budget'.
  • All pitches are screened by Jump Forward.
  • Any insertion of contact or personal details in a pitch will result in the pitch being deleted and the pitcher being barred from using Jump Forward.
  • If you have been contacted by a client, either by email or telephone, we recommend you respond immediately as you will have been specifically selected.
  • When a client obtains your contact details from Jump Forward they will only obtain your name, email address and telephone number, we will never divulge your personal address.
  • Clients may request from you your personal address for administrative purposes, none the less we recommend you establish exactly the reason for your address being requested prior to giving it out.
  • Always be careful when handing out your personal details.
  • If a client has chosen your pitch make sure they are sent all the required work and hard copies.
  • Make sure the client understands your preferred payment method; always be careful handing out your bank details.
  • We advise you clearly define with the client, once contact is made, when payment will be received for a successful pitch.
  • We advise the client to pay upon immediate receipt of the work and all hard copies required.
  • If you have difficulty obtaining payment from a client we advise you seek legal advice.
  • If you do not receive payment from the client Jump Forward is not liable as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.
  • If you do not receive payment form a client please Contact Us at Jump Forward and we will have them barred from using the site.
  • Make sure you are aware of your Tax and National Insurance obligations.
  • Any misuse of the Search Briefs section, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions, will result in the offender being barred from using Jump Forward. 

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